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Set WISE Goals to make SMART Goals Smart

WISE Goals Setting

How do you confirm a meeting or appointment professionally?

Whether you are accepting, rejecting or not sure if you can attend the meeting.

You should always reply to the organizer to acknowledge on your receival of the invite.

Here are some examples you can use for your next reply.

How to Resign (The Right Way) From a Job You Hate

Quitting a job you hate

How do you quit a job you hate the right way?

What are the things you should do when you are quitting a job where you hate your job, or even your boss?

Should you just rage quit and stop coming to work the very next day?

Here we will tell you how to resign from a job you hate professionally, and gracefully.

What is a Reasonable Commute to Work? (Far From Home)

Commuting to Work

How long is a reasonable commute to work?

When I was walking to work, a one mile commute sounds ok.

When I was riding a bicycle, five mile seems to be alright.

When taking public transportation, twenty five miles sounds near.

But is travelling for 1 hour to work too long, or staying 50 miles from your work place is too far?

Let’s find out!

15 Good Reasons Quit Your Job Without a New Job Lined Up (Quit Now?)

Reasons to Quit Your Job Without a New Job Lined Up

Feeling stressed out, depressed, or even fearing for your life at work?

If you are not sure if you should quit your job before finding a new one?

Here are some good reasons for you to quit your job without another lined up.

Best Color to Wear to Work (First Day of Work)

Best and Worst Colors to Wear to Work (First Day of Work)

What colors should you wear to work?

Should you wear, black, yellow, white, orange or blue?

You should avoid wearing some colors to work at all cost if you don’t want to make a bad impression at work.

Wearing an outfit with a suitable color at your new job is important for you to advance in your career..

Knowing what color outfit to wear on your first day of work can make great first impression at your new job.

Learn what colors of outfit suits you now!

How to Quit Your Job and Get a Better One (Get Richer and Happier)

How to Quit Your Job and Get a Better One (Proven Tips)

Feel like quitting your job everyday?

Do you want to quit your job and get a better one?

Finding a job that suits you is not easy, and getting a better job is hard.

Don’t quit your job until you do these!

What If You Get Fired From Your Job (5 Stages to Job Reovery)

If I just got FIRED, what do I do. 6 Phase of Job Recovery

Oh no! You’ve lost your job!

But is this really the end of the world?

Here are some phases you might experience.

A step-by-step guide from unemployed to employed.

Get yourself back on your feet fast now!