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How to Resign (The Right Way) From a Job You Hate

Quitting a job you hate

How do you quit a job you hate the right way?

What are the things you should do when you are quitting a job where you hate your job, or even your boss?

Should you just rage quit and stop coming to work the very next day?

Here we will tell you how to resign from a job you hate professionally, and gracefully.

What is a Reasonable Commute to Work? (Far From Home)

Commuting to Work

How long is a reasonable commute to work?

When I was walking to work, a one mile commute sounds ok.

When I was riding a bicycle, five mile seems to be alright.

When taking public transportation, twenty five miles sounds near.

But is travelling for 1 hour to work too long, or staying 50 miles from your work place is too far?

Let’s find out!

11+ Surprising World Job Satisfaction Statistics You Should Know

Job Satisfaction Statistics

Are you happy with your job?

Here are some of the most shocking job satisfaction statistics that every employer and employee should know.

You can be an employee looking for the perfect job.

Or an employer who wants to retain your best talent.

Job satisfaction is the most important factor that you will want to know.

Because, you can be happy at work too!

12 Surprising Work From Home & Remote Work Global Statistics

Remote working can benefit the company and improve the wellness of your employee.

Here are some surprising work from home statistics that every employer and and employees should know.

How Much MONEY do You Need to be Happy? (According to Science)

How Much Money to be Happy, According to Science

Does money buy happiness?

How much money do you need to be happy?

With a study of 1.7 million people world wide, let’s find the magic number for happiness.

Our findings, “Getting a high paying job may not make you happier.”

Jobs of The Future Report Key Takeaways | World Economic Forum

How will technological advancement and Covid-19 affect you and your career?

How will the jobs of the future looks like in 2030, or even 2050

In just 10 minutes, we’ll learn the key takeaways from the 163 pages, “The Future of Jobs Report” by World Economic Forum.

If you are concern about the future of your career, read on!