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How to Call in Sick to Work Professionally (with Examples)

How to Call in Sick for Work Professionally (with Examples)

Not feeling well? Feeling tired? Your body is suffering?

We know you love your work, but taking care of your health is just as important.

Here is how you should call in sick for work at the last minute by email or text with examples!

Let’s take a look!

How to Respond Graciously to a Job Rejection Email (with Examples)

How to Respond graciously to a Job Rejection Email (with Examples)

Do you know there is a right way to respond to a job rejection email?

Although you are not selected for the job, your reply to their rejection email can actually help you in your future career.

Here is how you can reply to a job rejection graciously while opening to more future opportunities.

Email samples included.

How to Write Email to HR for New Job Joining Date (with Templates)

How to Write Email to HR Regarding New Job Joining Date

Just got a job offer but you are that that sure about your joining date?

You may want to write an email to your HR or your future employer regarding your joining date for your new job.

A professional email will be a great way to get your answers and make a great impression before you start your first day at work.

Here are the best email templates you can use to ask the HR regarding your joining date!

9 Email Templates You’ll Need When You Start a New Job (Samples)

email template when you start a new job

New job? New workplace? New boss and colleagues?

Starting a new job is not always easy.

When you are at a new job, your first impression is really important. And sending the right email can really help you in your career.

Here are the best email templates you’ll need to make a great first impression at your new job.

Build professional relationships with your new colleagues with our email templates.

Start off your career great and be the new employee that your boss and colleagues will like.