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How to Write Resignation Letter by Email [Examples + Template]

How to write resignation letter by email. Examples and Template

Saying goodbyes is always hard, especially when you have been working with the company for quite some time.

But you’ve found a new job, a new start of an amazing career.

Today, you will be submitting your resignation letter, but you don’t know what to write.

Here are some examples of resignation letter that you can use right now.

5 Smart Things To Do if Jobless and Broke – Helpful Tips

Smart Things To Do If Jobless and Broke

Did you just lost your job and is stress at no knowing what to do?

Being jobless is not the end of the world.

Here are some tips to consider that may help get your life back together to a Bright Future!

Let’s go!

Last Day Of Work? 8 Smart Things To Do Before Leaving

Last Day of Work

Is this your last day of work?

Here are some simple tips to make a positive lasting impression on your boss and colleagues as you advance in your career.

Do these at your last day of work and probably spring board your career in the near future.

Let’s go!