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11+ Surprising World Job Satisfaction Statistics You Should Know

Job Satisfaction Statistics

Are you happy with your job?

Here are some of the most shocking job satisfaction statistics that every employer and employee should know.

You can be an employee looking for the perfect job.

Or an employer who wants to retain your best talent.

Job satisfaction is the most important factor that you will want to know.

Because, you can be happy at work too!

12 Surprising Work From Home & Remote Work Global Statistics

Remote working can benefit the company and improve the wellness of your employee.

Here are some surprising work from home statistics that every employer and and employees should know.

12 Top Skills Every Insurance Agents Need to be Successful

Top Insurance Agent Skills

An insurance agent is one of the best paying jobs that don’t need a degree!

Starting your career as an insurance agent is not hard, but being successful is.

Career as an insurance agent is not the most easy job.

Learn these skills to become a successful insurance agent now!

I was rejected for a job, but I reapply. And this is what I’ve learned.

Should you reapply for a job that you are rejected previously?

Here is a story of a man who reapplied for a job he had been rejected.

And this is what he had learned.

Couple Lose 95% of Savings and Retired Wealthy at 60s

Story - Old Couple lose almost all savings and retire wealth at age 60s

Are you looking to build generational wealth for your retirement?

Here is a story of how a couple loses 95% of their savings and retire wealthy at their 60s.

Top Skills You’ll Need to be a Hedge Fund Manager

Hedge Fund Manager Skills

Getting a high paying job such as a hedge fund manager is one of the most difficult task.

Highly lucrative but insanely competitive. Becoming a hedge fund manager requires a particular set of skills.

Here are some of the most important skills you need to have to become a hedge fund manager.

How to Get a Pay Raise with 2 Sentences and Your Boss Smiling

how to negotiate a pay raise

Do you want a pay raise?

But you don’t know how to ask?

There is a method of asking for that raise which will even make you look good in front of your boss.

The magic comes from just these 2 sentence.

But how is it possible?

Let’s Find Out!

Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts when asking for Pay Raise – Best Career Tips

I believe most people will still want to keep their job even if their employer refuse to the request for a pay raise.


Here are some do’s and don’ts when you are asking for a raise.

Learn these tips and increase your success rate on pay raise!

Let’s Dive In!

7 Smart Tips on How to ask for a Pay Raise This Year

Your salary haven’t been growing for the past 3 years?

A newbie who just came in have a higher salary than you, even though you are much more qualified?

You may consider asking your manager or your boss for a salary review.

But wait!

Here are some tips you may consider before you ask. Let’s Explore!