How to Share Your Story on HQHire?

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Each story you submit will be reviewed by a moderator and maybe chosen to be published.

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  1. Stories are essays that are selected and published by HQHire’s editors.
  2. Names in the story might be changed during the edit to protect the identity of the owner.
  3. Stories go through a submissions process, and we’ll perform a review every quarter (Please do not email us if your story have been selected, we will sent you an email if it is selected).
  4. Right now, we don’t have the capacity to edit/ review every submission we receive.
  5. If your story is selected, it will be copy-edited for clarity and according to our editorial guidelines.
  6. Only stories that fit our guidelines may be published, this assessment will be solely dependent on HQHire sole discretion. (Meaning, not all stories submitted will be published).
  7. If your story is published on our site, it may be republished in full on a reputable HQHire partner site, such as MSN or Yahoo. Once republished on a partner site, HQHire moderation standards do not apply and the piece cannot be removed from the partner site.
  8. We currently do not offer compensation for submissions.