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Connecting remote professional with opportunities to professional fulfillment & personal growth

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What started as a way to help remote professionals in their careers has grown into a leading online resource for both young and experienced professionals who seek realistic and actionable career advice.

So, Who Are We?

HQ Hire makes navigating your career easy. If you are looking for clear, practical advice on job searching, resume writing, salary negotiations, and other career planning topics, you are in the right place.

Whether you’re looking to find a new job, advance at your current position, or explore new paths, our strong library of content will help you advance your career to the next level.

With thousands of visitors reading our articles every day, HQ Hire is growing to become one of the top career advice sites in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore and the world at large.

Based on real world career experience, we partner and work with career experts and though leaders around the globe to provide you with the best actionable tips and tricks on career navigation.

All our editorial contents follow the highest quality standard according to our editorial guidelines, giving you a peace of mind while educating yourself to help you to build career success.

Our Mission

“We are dedicated to provide the most actionable and relevant resources to help working remote professionals achieve career success.”

Ranked one of the Top 50 most informative and helpful growing career guides online.*
High-achieving professionals have relied on HQHIRE for career tips and advice.
A growing library of career advice written by expert career coaches with real experience.

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HQ Hire was started in 2019 by Antony C., who is an entrepreneur, a certified PMP® holder and a publish author of a book that talks about overcoming procrastination. In his corporate life, he was employed as part of the management team that helps to recruit, train, mentor and manage professionals from diverse backgrounds.

During his career, he finds it hard to get realistic, real-world actionable career advice that can help the average Joe in getting career success. With the goal of providing working professionals with the relevant and actionable resources to achieve career success, he created hqhire.com.

Today, hqhire.com offers a wealth of resources and hundreds of articles based on years of combined experience gathered from global industrial leaders, managing professionals, human resource and recruitment professionals, as well as seasoned high achieving employees from the corporate world to help any working professionals who are willing to learn the latest tips and guides to navigate their career.

June 2019

Founding of HQ HIRE

HQ HIRE started as a simple site where it provides actionable advice to help working professionals in getting a job in their desired career.

June 2019
September 2019

Going Social

3 months after launching our site, we’ve started to go social so that our readers can get connected with us directly.

September 2019
January 2021

Expand Our Library Of Content

At the start of the 2021, we’ve grown to expand the type of career advice we’ll like to provide and include topics that talks about achieving career success, career education and tools that can help working professionals achieving their career goals.

January 2021
September 2022

Getting Recognized

Our publications are cited and recognized by top influential sites such as WikiHow & Chron, as well as reputable educational institutes and government sectors.

September 2022
January 2023

Reached +1 Million Visitors

We’ve focused our effort on delivering high quality, useful and actionable content to our readers from Day 1, and our effort have helped navigating the career of +1 Million working professionals over +67 countries worldwide.

January 2023
October 2023

Remote Job Connect™

Aiming to connect creative remote talents with global companies, we’ve launched our remote talent job board that help creative talents find the dream job you want.

October 2023

Our Career Expert Team

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Editor-in-Chief & Career Development Expert

Antony C.

Antony C. is the Founder and Chief-Editor of hqhire.com. Working with career experts in different parts of the world, he shares career advice on job search, career advancement, and hiring the right talent for the team. As a PMP® certified professional, he has over +10 years of management and leadership experience. With his publication featured in Goodfirms, Jobcase, Chron, and WikiHow, he is also a published book author that talks about procrastination and achieving goals.

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Senior Editor & Career Writer

Joc H.

Joc H. is a writing enthusiast, part-time artist, and full-time career woman who works remotely. Traveling to a foreign land, she has proven her skills in interview techniques. Receiving an offer for her dream job on the day of the interview. Eager to empower remote workers and young professionals like her, she joined hqhire.com as the Senior Editor providing valuable advice on empowering women at work.


Understanding the importance of offering career advice that are reliable, genuine and with clarity, we ensure all the information that we have shared with our readers to be verified, unbiased and simple to understand.

Guided by our editorial guidelines, we continuously update each piece of information to be as helpful and reliable as possible.

However, if you notice something missing or disagree with our findings, please feel free to contact us with your thoughts. We are excited to hear your opinion.

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