The Future Is Now

The future is now. We are now in the midst of the next industrial revolution where we make fantasy into realities, bending the laws of reality with our imagination, and changing traditional work into a new way of life.


Merging virtual reality, and augmented reality with our physical reality. The revolution creates a new exciting future in the digital world.

Four Day WorkWeek

Change the traditional mindset of a 5-day week to a 4-day week, creating a future of sustained balanced of work and life.

Creating the future

Ever evolving and ever-changing, we humans have evolved in the past millions of years, creating a future that our pre-ancestors can never hope to imagine.

Like humans evolves from forming small groups into a tribe, from small communities into a town, and from cities into countries.

Jobs have evolved in the different ages of human evolution and have taken different forms to meet the survival and prosperity of the people.

Hundreds of jobs become obsolete, but thousands more are created.

“A job is only valued, if the society desires.”

A.C., Founder of HQHIRE

Jobs have also taken different forms during the different ages of human evolution.

  1. Stone age: The job is assigned by your gender, physical fitness, and age, and your job contributes to the survival of your tribe.
  2. Copper age: Job is determined by your family lineage, and birth rights, which your job contributed to the survival of the community.
  3. Iron age: Job is acquired through training or apprenticeship, your job is specialized and contributes to the larger community.
  4. First industrial revolution: Jobs are acquired through on-the-job training, and education becomes available. Processes became mechanized and products were manufactured for the first time. People become the gears of evolution pushing human evolution into the modern era.
  5. Second industrial revolution: Communities get connected with the discovery of electricity, gas, and oil. Jobs are acquired through formal education and training. Mass production and traveling a long distance become possible. People become experts in their craft pushing technological inventions to a whole new level.
  6. Third industrial revolution: Automation and digitization with the use of computers and electronics become common practice. The invention of the internet creates rapid advancement in the means of sharing, generating, and processing information. People become the co-operator of machines, creating new jobs and possibilities that is not possible with only humans.
  7. Fourth industrial revolution: Enhanced automation and digitization blur the boundaries between the physical, virtual, and biological worlds. Advanced artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, genetic engineering, and quantum computing, make it possible for new investors and simple processes to be performed without human intervention. People have become the regulators and inspectors of machines and breaking the boundaries of the physical world into the virtual world.

Today, jobs are acquired through, training and education, formal or informal. Stepping into the boundaries of the physical world and evolving from our old traditional thinking. Changes made to the few ears of work;

  • Creating a new work structure.
  • Creating a new way of work.
  • Creating new work realities.

Let’s take a look at how the future is now!


Jobs of the Metaverse. Meta Natio.

Types of Jobs in The Metaverse

Making a living in the Metaverse is a reality that is now evolving. “5 Meta Natio Model” describes the 5 types of jobs you can find in the Metaverse. “Meta Natio” is the people who make a living in the Metaverse. Living a life in the virtual world is no longer a dream but a reality.

Four Day Workweek

List of Countries With 4-Day Work Week

4-Day Workweek Countries

Do you want a 4-day workweek? More countries are starting to push for a 4-day week instead of the traditional 5. Few countries from the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East have shortened their workweek, but is your country one of them? Let’s take a look.