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Rating Methodologies

Unbiased | Useful | Unique Perspective

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At HQHire, we believe in transparency. That’s why we share things like how we make money and how we rate products.

HQHire’s star rating methodologies meet strict editorial guidelines and take into account dozens of data points that working professionals and business owners.


Rooted in Authenticity: At HQHire.com, our unwavering dedication to authenticity underpins our reviews. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and impartiality, ensuring that our readers receive assessments that are transparent, impartial, and dependable.

No Influence Through Financial Transactions: We staunchly oppose any attempts to influence our content through financial means. Be assured, we do not accept payments that might compromise the objectivity of our reviews. Each product and service we scrutinize undergoes the same rigorous standards, guaranteeing unbiased evaluations uninfluenced by monetary considerations.

Expertise Free from Bias: Our team comprises seasoned professionals with expertise in the realms of careers, resume writing services, business software, and online learning platforms. Their extensive knowledge and practical experience come into play in every review, involving thorough testing, comprehensive assessments, and real-world applications.

For a detailed insight into how we maintain our editorial standards, we invite you to explore our comprehensive “Editorial guidelines“. Here, we illustrated our editorial model with full transparency on how we ensure our integrity while serving in your best interests.

General Rating Methodologies

True to the values we started with – unbiased, useful and unique perspective. Everything we do will serves these values and help professionals, job seekers, employers and freelancers to make the most suitable, simple, and well-informed purchase decision.

Ratings are determined by either my personal experience and expert opinion or by experienced career experts, writers, editors and researchers who are passionate experts in their field.

Methodologies by topic area are below.

For questions about specific ratings, please reach out by contacting us.

Data Collection and Review Process

Before we start writing any reviews, we start with taking a close look at the major providers of the service/products and understand what the market leaders in the industry are. Using the market leaders who are the most reputable in the industry we consider them as the based criteria when assessing the different product/services in the industry.

Information accuracy and updates

Writers and editors will make updates periodically throughout the year as and when it is necessary to ensure the highest level of accuracy of the information provided to our readers. We keep in contact with the product or service providers to keep the information current. Our readers can email us through editor@hqhire.com to contact us on any clarification of the information.

The review team

The review team is made-up of seasoned writers and/or career experts and editors who will conduct in-depth research into the product/service by either using the product/service or through expert research and in-depth analysis giving an unique perspective about the helpfulness and practicality of using the product/service to help the user in reaching their desired goals. Each writer follows HQHire’s strict guidelines for editorial integrity.

In additional to HQHire, the work of our team members has appeared in Chron, WikiHow, Scoop.it, Insight Global, GoodFirms and other educational institutes and national media outlets. The team’s writers and editors have more than 20 years of professional career experience working in the corporate setting, holding managerial positions in some of the biggest Multinational Companies (MNCs).


At HQHIRE.com we pride ourselves in our allegiance solely to genuine journalism that is trusted, accurate and informative and write every single word with our readers’ best interests in mind.

We welcome and appreciate any constructive feedback from our readers to ensure our reviews are constantly updated, helpful and relevant. You can reach out by visiting our “Contact Us” page.

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