How to Introduce Yourself at First Day of Work (New Jobs Tips)

New environment? First day at a new job? As the new kid in town can be quite scary. When it is your first time meeting your co-workers, your first impression counts.

Properly introducing yourself is a very important step in giving a great first impression. Starting off your new job great will help you in building both professional and personal relationships with your coworkers.

Learn these tips for introducing yourself at your new job and be the superstar new employee that your coworkers will like.

9 Reasons It’s OK to Take a Job with Less Pay to be Happy

Take a Job with Less Pay

Does a high paying job always make you happier?

Should you take a job with less pay?

Pay is not the only reason you should consider when taking up a job.

In fact, sometimes, taking a higher paying job can be a wrong choice.

Here is why!

How to Reschedule a Job Interview Effectively (with Examples)

Rescheduling of interview can be due to personal or professional reasons.

Handling incorrectly will lead to bad impression, or even losing the chance of the interview.

Here we will show you how to reschedule interviews the right way.

We have also provided some template you can use to reschedule the interview by email or phone.

Avoid mistakes made by others and get hired today!

Let’s Go!

How to Deal with Anxiety About Going Back to Work? (Career Tips)

Deal with Anxiety About Going Back to Work

Returning to work?

Are you feeling anxious about going back to work after a long vacation, maternity leave or lockdown?

Do you want to know how to deal with back to work anxiety?

Here is a few ways you can used to get over the anxiety about going back to work!

How to Ask Boss to Leave Work Early? (With Examples)

How to Ask to Leave Work Early

Do you know how to ask your boss that you want to leave work early?

There is a specific way you can ask to increase your chances of success.

Here are some examples and tips that can help you when requesting to leave work early.

Let’s take a look!

20 Good Excuses to Leave Work Early (On Short Notice)

Good Excuses to Leave Work Early

Do you want to leave work early and look professional?

Sometime something much more important than work can suddenly appear.

Here are some acceptable excuses you can use to leave work early on short notice!

Let’s take a look!

100+ Best PowerPoint Shortcut Keys List (Create and Deliver Powerful Presentation)

PowerPoint presentation Keyboard Shortcut List

Do you want to be more efficient at creating slide show for presentation?

Do you want to create professional slide show fast with PowerPoint?

Learn the best Microsoft PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts that can help boost your productivity now!

Here, we’ve created a useful Microsoft PowerPoint Shortcut cheat sheet list that will be essential for your work!

7 Ways to Deal with a Toxic Work Environment (Proven Tips)

How to Deal with a Toxic Work Environment

Are you are in a toxic work environment?

Do you feel frustrated and want to learn how to deal with it?

Here are some things you can do to deal with your toxic work environment!

How to Respond graciously to a Job Rejection Email (with Examples)

How to Respond graciously to a Job Rejection Email (with Examples)

Do you know there is a right way to respond to a job rejection email?

Although you are not selected for the job, your reply to their rejection email can actually help you in your future career.

Here is how you can reply to a job rejection graciously while opening to more future opportunities.

Email samples included.