9 Best Job Search Sites for Seniors over 50. Reinvent Your Second Career Now!

Looking for best jobs for 50 and older?

Getting a new job at your 50s and 60s may not be as hard as you think. In this day and age, getting a job when older can be as simple as a few simple clicks.

More mature workers are taking up semi early retirement jobs from home.

As more mature workers are getting back into the workforce, there is a trend of reemployment of older workers.

In fact, more older workers are returning to work now.

Labor Prediction By Age 2014 - 2024

Below is a detailed list of helpful job portals that can help mature workers like you in starting your second career.

We’ve carefully handpicked the best job portals for seniors from hundreds of sites.


Once a year, we will comb through hundreds of old and new sites to find the best for our readers to refer. Over the past 1 months our team of 2 have visited 153 career sites, reading and scoring the best career blogs and website based on a few important criteria;

Scoring Criteria:

  1. Overall Content.
  2. Ease of Navigation.
  3. Relevance to Senior Workers

Each career sites listed below are not ranked according to order, they are listed geographically for ease of reference.

Let’s Dive In!

Top Job Search Sites for Mature Workers

Let’s jump into the top few site, you may want to use to find your dream job! If you find this useful, feel free to share it to your friends who may need it.




Indeed was co-founded by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan in 2004 in both Austin, Texas and Stamford, Connecticut.

As the largest job search portal it offers millions of opportunity for job seekers.


Ranging from accounting and finance to volunteering. You can essentially find almost any jobs in here. 

Monster Jobs

Monster Jobs

Monster is founded in 2005, by Jeff Taylor with it’s headquarters in the United States. It is a top rated global online job search platform which provides a full array of job seeking, career management, recruitment and talent management products and services.


Ranging from IT and banking to pet sitting. You can essentially find almost any jobs in here. What really make this site stand out is that, it have a very intuitive interface which even allows you to find remote jobs that may suite your needs.

United States

Retirement Jobs

Retirement Jobs

Retirement Jobs was founded in 2005 by a team of professionals with senior executive backgrounds in human capital management and recruiting.

Based in the United States, their goal is to identify companies that matches the profile of older workers. Jobs find here are most likely to be suitable for senior workers in terms of active, productive, conscientious and lifestyle.


With filters like “Certified Age-Friendly”, Part-Time”, “Volunteer”, this site provide one of the best navigation for any mature workers when finding a job.

Ranging from remote work, sales to managerial roles. You can essentially find almost any jobs in here. 



Workforce50.com was founded with a mission to help baby boomers that choose not to retire but wants to stay engaged and are seeking for more meaningful career paths.

One of the best place where it helps to arm the older workforce with jobs and career information to help them to reach their goals.


Ranging from education, government, healthcare and insurance. You can find almost any jobs suitable for mature workers here.

Senior Job Bank

Senior Job Bank

Senior Job Bank was founded in 1975, it subsequently launch its website in 1999. Owned and managed by NHC Group, Inc. The goal is to provide a service that encompasses the full range of employment types and disciplines.


Here you can find jobs suitable for people newly entering their second career to highly skilled executives and engineers continuing their full-time careers.

These are some of the most search phases on the website; part-time, work at home, administrative, customer-service and flexible hours

Senior 4 Hire

Senior 4 Hire

Senior 4 Hire was founded in 2001, by Renée Ward, who was formerly VP of  JobOptions and VP TMP Recruitment Advertising.

As American workers are living longer and staying healthier. Some seniors prefer to continue to use their skills acquired in the workplace past retirement age.

This place give the opportunity to hire seniors, older workers, boomers, retirees, geezers who wants to work past their retirement age.


Here you can find jobs suitable for worker force over 50s or retirees over 60s.

Ranging from jobs such as pet sitters to sales and management roles, you’ll get to explore a wide range of job opportunities.

Asia Pacific

Silver Jobs (Singapore)


Silver Jobs was Founded in 2006. The Centre For Seniors (CFS) is a non-profit, Social Service Agency (SSA) that is committed to promoting the total well-being of older persons in Singapore.

Silver Job portal is created with older workforce in mind to help them to explore work in the various sectors for meaningful retirement.


Probably one of the best site that help guide seniors in finding their second career. With easy to use navigation, and a decent library of jobs selected for senior workers, you can find what you want with a few simple click.

Ranging from healthcare to Hospitality, all jobs here are suitable for most senior workers.

Hire Seniors (Malaysia)


Hire Seniors was founded by a team of professionals with senior executive backgrounds in human capital management, recruiting and hiring experience. It is a social enterprise that helps to connect senior workforce, mature & experienced professionals  and retirees to find suitable employment opportunities with companies in need of talent and experience.


Arguably the best senior’s job portal site in Malaysia that help guide mature workforce in finding their second career.

Ranging from administrative work to CEO, most jobs here are suitable for both second career and highly experienced mature workforce.

Seek (Australia & new zealand)

Seek.com.au (Largest Job Search Portal in Australia)

Seek was founded in 1997, by Andrew Bassat, Paul Bassat and Matt Rockman. The website first launch it’s service in 1998. With a mission to help people live more fulfilling and productive working lives and help organizations succeed.

Seek is a global job search portal and is a market leader in online employment marketplaces.


Arguably the biggest senior’s job portal site in Australia that help to guide mature workforce in finding their second career.

Ranging from “School crossing supervisor” to “General Manager”, most jobs here are suitable for retirees or mature experienced professionals.

Key Take Away

These handpicked sites have information that will help you in getting your second career even at your 50s or 60s.

Job hunting may take time and patience, but slowly, you will be progressing towards you goal of landing that dream job.

Taking a short course even at your 50s can help you to grow your skill set.

Explore our different articles at HQHIRE and learn to grow in your career or become a candidate that employers will love to have in their team!

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