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One-on-one meeting are great manager’s tools to build synergy, communicate and connect with your employee. Studies shows 64% of working professionals attend at least one 1-on-1 meeting once a week.

As we more moving towards remote and hybrid work arrangement, using the right meeting software for 1-on-1 meeting or online meetings in general can enhance team’s productivity, give timely feedback that assist the team to grow and become more effective at work.

Zoho Meeting Icon 1
Zoho Meeting

Seamless 1:1 meetings and group meetings that integrate with all-in-one software for business organizations.

Free Plan Available

ClickMeeting - Logo

Hosting simple meetings with smooth meeting experience for 1-on-1 meeting and up to 10,000 attendees.

Free Trail Available

Goto Meeting Logo Square
Goto Meeting

From engaging meetings to demos and training. Goto Meeting is designed for both small business and enterprise.

Testing over 20+ best one-on-one meeting software used by most business organizations, we’ve narrow it down to these few, which offers the most value and functionality that help arrive at the meeting prepared and improve overall meeting productivity.

Why you can trust HQHIRE’s picks for online meeting software: Our writers and editors spend hours signing up for accounts and perform user testing on each of the meeting software or perform in-depth research on each of the online meeting software listed and follow strict guidelines to maintain editorial integrity. We do deep, independent analysis on each software listed, from the signup process, setting up meetings, engaging users during the meeting, to post meeting follow-up actions, balancing its features and the user experience to get an overall scoring. To see our full methodology and learn more about our process, read our criteria for software evaluation.

Best 1-on-1 Online Meeting Software Tools For Better Meetings

1-on-1 meeting software offers the convenience of virtual face-to-face meeting in a remote setting as well as the importance of the need to promote individual growth of each remote working professionals.

The right one-on-one meeting software can help to maximize the synergy of technology and individualized feedback, 1-on-1 meeting software makes close professional connections possible between remote individuals and teams.

Antony C., Founder of HQHIRE

Here are the best one-on-one meeting software solutions in the market today.

  1. Zoho Meeting
  2. ClickMeeting
  3. GoTo Meeting
  4. ClickUp
  5. Close
  6. Fellow
  7. Zoom
  8. Google Meet
  9. Skype

1. Zoho Meeting

Best Virtual Meeting Software For Business Organization

Zoho Icon

HQHIRE’s Rating

60 mins Free for Free Plan & 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Attendee & Duration

Up to 250 attendee/ 24 hours


Free to +$20/month

Annual Discount

Yes (Save 15%)


Zoho Meeting is one of the most powerful and versatile online meeting software for one-on-one meeting, it is especially designed for business organizations where one-on-one meeting are common and important for professional growth.

Built by a company that values your privacy. Zoho Meeting is a secure online meeting software solution that helps you find new ways to collaborate and work remotely with efficacy.


  • Raise hands and emojis
  • In meeting polls and survey
  • Share screen for presentation
  • Sesson recording
  • Automated Sync meeting with your google calendar with CRM, marketing automation and event management tools integrations.
  • VoIP and Phone meetings
  • Direct web-browser access (No downloads required to join meeting).


  • No whiteboard
  • Limited cloud recording storage


Zoho Meeting is part of the multiple Zoho software designed to make online collaboration and business management easy. Other products include; Zoho Workplace, CRM, Projects, Campaigns, File Storage, Cloud, etc.

Perfect for remote team, with Zoho, you can choose to upgrade into their All-In-One Suite (Zoho One) to have all your work done in the same place without the need of any third-party software integration. And if you would like to you only part of their software, you can get add-ons as and when you need it, offering flexibility and integration that no other competitors can match.


Zoho offers three pricing plans, with the highest tiered plan offering up to 250 live attendees for 24 hours:

  • Free Forever Plan: $0 per month (Unlimited meetings, 100 attendees for 60 minutes)
  • Meeting Standard Plan: $2 per month (+250 attendees for 24 hours, 2 co-host, VoIP & Phone and cloud storage)
  • Meeting Professional Plan: $18 per month (+API, custom domain, multiple co-host, meeting rooms, keynotes)

2. ClickMeeting

Best Meeting Software For Online Business Meetings

ClickMeeting - Logo Long

HQHIRE’s Rating

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Best For

Business Meetings

Attendee & Duration

Up to 1,000 attendees/ 10 hours


$26 to +$269/month

Annual Discount

Yes (Save 10%)


ClickMeeting is the top meeting software that aims to make meeting experience productive and effective. Designed for sharing of knowledge and simplify collaborations, it is widely used for group meeting and many professionals use it for 1-on-1 meeting because of it’s ease-of-use.


  • Breakout rooms
  • Virtual background
  • Edu mode for presentations
  • Meeting recording
  • Screen sharing
  • Whiteboard
  • Polls and surveys
  • Call-to-action
  • Mobile application available for meeting on-the-go


  • Tier based pricing on number of meetings attendees
  • Meeting recording storage max at 10 hours


ClickMeeting offers everything you need to run efficient online 1-on-1 meetings with tools for illustrations and recording for future reference. While ClickMeeting is designed more towards large meeting and mega events up to 10,000 attendees, using Click Meeting for 1-on-1 meeting proves to offer many ways you can present your ideas and get feedbacks from the meeting.

ClickMeeting PRICING

ClickMeeting offers pricing plans for online meeting, with a free trial that give you 30-days to try out the platform:

  • Free Trial: $0 per month (25 attendees with most basic and automation webinar features and up to 30 minutes record storage)
  • Pro Plan: $26 per month (+Unlimited meetings, 3 multiusers, breakout room, screenshare, whiteboard, custom branding)

3. Goto Meeting

Best 1-on-1 Online Meeting Software For Remote Managers

Goto Meeting Logo 1

HQHIRE’s Rating

Free plan with up to 20-minute webinars

Attendee & Durations

Up to 250/ Unlimited


$12 to $16/month

Annual Discount

Yes (Save 10%)

Goto Meeting is the most feature-rich and affordable 1-on-1 meeting software and meeting platform designed to engage and make the meeting interesting. Perfect for both small business owners and enterprise for deep 1-on-1 meeting or group meeting with multiple individuals


  • Breakout rooms and Hand raising
  • Virtual background and Screen sharing
  • Meeting recording
  • Whiteboard and drawing tools
  • Polls, surveys and Slide to PDF
  • Automated Transcription
  • No software download required to join meeting
  • Mobile application available for meeting on-the-go
  • Direct web-browser access (No downloads required to join meeting).


  • No free plans, plans start at 150 participants.


Goto meeting offer a highly affordable and engaging way for you to conduct 1-on-1 meeting. Together with whiteboard and drawing available, you can list down all your points in your discussions and review your meeting discussions with your meeting recordings.


Goto Meeting offers two main paid pricing plans and an enterprise plan.

  • Professional Plan: $12 per month (+150 live attendees, screen share, breakout room, hand raising)
  • Business Plan: $16 per month (+250 live attendees, transcription, slides to PDF, note taking, drawing, co-organizers)
  • Enterprise Plan: Request quotes (+250 live attendees, customer success manager, InRoom Link, Mobile Cloud Recording)

How to Choose the Best One-On-One Meeting Software for Business and Managers?

When choosing the best 1:1 online meeting software for your business or workplace, it really depends on your needs and your goals on what you want to use the software for.

  • Are you using for 1:1 meeting with your team?
  • Are you using for 1:1 meeting with your clients?
  • Are you using for 1:1 meeting as well as group meeting for your workplace?

Depending on what your uses for the meeting tools, you may need different types of 1-on-1 meeting software. Here we shall take a look at how you can choose the perfect meeting tool designed for your business.

1. Understand Your Purpose of Using One-on-One Meeting Software

When selecting the best one-on-one meeting software, consider the core functions it should serve.

  • One-on-one meetings are used by managers and their direct reports to communicate effectively.
  • One-on-one meetings can help to connect with team members while keeping the conversation private and confidential.
  • One-on-one meetings can be used to help enhanced employee engagement and career development.

Regardless your purpose of using your meeting software, effective communication is key in any business environment and the right software can streamline this by offering user-friendly interfaces and customizable features.

  • Understand why you want to have the 1:1 meeting
  • Understand what is your final meeting outcome that you want to achieve
  • Understand what is required to help you reach your meeting outcome

Personalized engagement using the right meeting tools can helps to make the meeting productive. Choosing software that mirrors the dynamic nature of business will allow for a tailored approach to one-on-one meetings.

2. Key Features to Look for in One-on-One Meeting Software

A desk with a computer displaying various 1-on-1 meeting software options. A checklist of key features is nearby

Selecting the best one-on-one meeting software involves considering essential functionalities that streamline the process, from scheduling to meeting follow-up.

Scheduling and Calendar Integration

Your meeting software should offer robust scheduling features that sync with popular platforms like Google Calendar. Look for:

  • Calendar Integration: Seamless sync to avoid double bookings.
  • Availability Sharing: Show when you’re free to meet without back-and-forth emails.

Agenda Customization and Planning

Effective one-on-one meetings require a clear agenda. Essential features include:

  • Agenda Management: Tools for creating and sharing meeting agendas beforehand.
  • Template Options: Pre-built or customizable templates to save time.

Note-Taking and Action Items

To ensure a productive meeting, you need:

  • Note-Taking: Built-in tools for real-time notes.
  • Action Items: Section to outline next steps and assign action items.

Progress Tracking and Goal Setting

Stay on track with features designed for performance:

  • Goal Tracking: Monitor long-term objectives.
  • Progress Reports: Visual updates for motivation and accountability.

Recording and Transcription

Don’t miss a detail with:

  • Meeting Recording: Automatically save audio or video.
  • Auto-Transcription: Generate texts for easy follow-up and record-keeping.

3. Assessing Integration and Compatibility

A computer screen displays various 1-on-1 meeting software options with comparison charts and compatibility assessments

Choosing the best 1-on-1 meeting software means ensuring it works seamlessly within your current ecosystem and remains accessible across various devices.

Software Ecosystem and Workflow Integration

Your 1-on-1 meeting software should enhance, not disrupt, your existing workflow.

Compatibility with enterprise solutions like Zoho Workspace, Google Workplace and Microsoft Teams are essential to maintain a cohesive system for collaboration.

For instance, if your team regularly uses Zoho Meeting for quick check-ins, the chosen software should integrate well with Zoho products or similar.

You can create a checklist on the list of integration that your meeting software should have:

SoftwareZoho WorkspaceMicrosoft TeamsGoogle Workplace
Meeting Software ANative IntegrationAvailable via add-onNative Integration
Meeting Software BPlugin availableDirect integrationAvailable via add-on
Meeting Software C
Software Compatibility Checklist

Remember to focus on user-friendly integration points, like single sign-on and calendar synchronization, which contribute to a smoother workflow.

Cross-Platform Functionality and Mobile Accessibility

With remote teams, your meeting tool must offer robust mobile accessibility.

  • Compatible with both iOS and Android ensures you can connect from anywhere.
  • Mobile-friendly interface for teams who rely on smartphones for communication.

When considering Zoho Meeting or GoTo Meeting, both offer dedicated mobile applications that are intuitive and user-friendly, which helps keep your remote teams connected.

FeatureZoho Mobile AppGoTo Mobile App
iOS and Android CompatibilityYesYes
User-friendly InterfaceYesYes
Calendar SyncYesYes

Choose a 1-on-1 meeting software that can effortlessly integrate with your enterprise tools and be easily accessible across all your devices.

4. Ensuring Effective Collaboration and Communication

A computer screen displaying various 1-on-1 meeting software options with features like video conferencing, file sharing, and scheduling capabilities

Choosing the best 1-on-1 meeting software is key to maintain good seamless communication in the team.

You’ll want a platform that offers seamless video conferencing and screen sharing, incorporates interactive features for real-time collaboration, and provides robust documentation capabilities.

Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing

For 1-on-1 meetings, video conferencing capabilities are non-negotiable.

Look for software that supports clear audio and high-quality video to help mimic an in-person conversation. It’s also beneficial if the software allows for screen sharing, especially for remote meetings where visual aids can enhance understanding.

FeatureImportance for 1-on-1 Meetings
Clear audioEssential for crisp, clear communication
Video qualityHigh definition ensures you can read visual cues
Screen sharingEnables sharing of resources and live demonstrations

Interactive Features and Real-Time Collaboration

Engagement is key, so consider software with interactive tools like whiteboards or real-time captions.

This fosters a collaborative environment even during virtual meetings. Real-time captions are particularly useful for ensuring that no detail is misheard or misunderstood.

  • Whiteboards: Allows you and your counterpart to jot down ideas as you would in a physical meeting.
  • Real-Time Captions: Supports inclusivity and aids comprehension during the conversation.

Documentation and Sharing of Meeting Outcomes

At post-meeting, it’s always good to have access to all the records of what was discussed.

The ideal software should let you store documents and share meeting outcomes with ease. This serves as a reliable reference and helps in maintaining continuity over multiple sessions.

Look for a software that accommodates these documentation needs without adding to your workload.

5. Security and Reliability of One-on-One Meeting Software

A laptop with a secure lock icon on the screen, surrounded by a shield symbol, indicating reliability. A checklist of features for 1-on-1 meeting software displayed next to it

When selecting meeting software for sensitive one-on-one conversations, prioritize security of information shared during the meeting.

Look for platforms that provide end-to-end encryption to ensure that conversations remain confidential. This level of security means only you and your participant can access the information exchanged.

Features to consider includes:

  • Encryption: Seek out software with strong encryption, such as AES 256-bit.
  • Access Control: Only authorized users should enter meetings. Two-factor authentication may bolster this.
  • Data Protection: Confirm if the platform complies with regulations like GDPR for data safety.

Reliability ensures uninterrupted communication. It is crucial for maintaining trust and accountability during your meetings.

Check user feedback for insights on software stability. Things you want to look for includes:

AspectWhy It Matters
Robust SecurityProtects against data breaches and maintains confidentiality.
Reliable UptimeReduces risks of dropped calls, preserving trust in your enterprise.
Data IntegrityKeeps your files and shared content uncorrupted and safe.

I cannot stress enough, compliance and accountability cannot be overlooked when choosing the right meeting software.

Your one-on-one meeting software should feel like a secure and private room where every conversation is safely locked away from prying eyes (and ears).

  • Verify if the provider is transparent about their security protocols, as this reflects their commitment to protecting your interests.
  • Choose a tool that reflects the seriousness with which you treat privacy, security, and reliability.

Which 1:1 Online Meeting Software Should You Choose For Your Business?

Finding the right software depends on your business needs and your budget, regardless, here are some suggestions you may want to consider:

  • Best All-In-One Meeting Software for Business OrganizationsZoho Meeting (Free Account)
  • Best 1:1 and Large Group Business Meeting SoftwareClickMeeting (30-Day Free Trial)
  • Best Feature Rich Online Meeting Software For ManagersGoTo Meeting

Our top pick for 1:1 meeting software is no other than Zoho Meeting, not only Zoho offers free forever account for you to test out the platform, Zoho comes with an all-in-one suite of business software which you can integrate seamlessly and have everything in the same platform.

You can think of Zoho as Google Workplace on steroids, together with advance features for engagement and improving productivity.

  • Custom domain and API access
  • File sharing, recording transcripts, keynotes, VoIP and Phone
  • Embed meeting widget and fast customer support

I’ve test send Zoho Customer Support Team on some queries regarding their plans and I got the reply from them within a few minutes which is pretty amazing.

Zoho Icon

Starting Free Plan at $0 per Month

Promo: 15% Off Annual Plan & Free Account
30-Day Money Back. Risk-Free.

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