5 Best Low Stress Jobs After Retirement (Fun Jobs that Pay Well)

What are the best low stress jobs after retirement?

Just because you are retired, doesn’t mean you want to give up working completely, you can start a second career at home.

With the average life expectancy increasing to the 80’s, more retirees who are older than age of 60’s want to do something that help them to stay active.

Life Expectancy of the World 1955 to Present

Life expectancy chart by worldometers

Reinvent your career and stay active in retirement can help enhance your life socially and emotionally.

With a wealth of experience, retirees or seniors can offer a deep reserve of perspective, emotional intelligence, skills and contacts.

Here are some creative ideas you can do to make money in retirement.

best low stress jobs after retirement

According to survey respondence, 79 percent of participants think it will be hard to start a second career when you are over 55 years old.

But when starting your second career, your age don’t always matters.

Here are a few jobs that are perfect for seniors over 55 years old, or even after retirement.

1. Consultant/ Freelancer

Working for yourself is a great way to earn an extra income while being active in both mind and soul. In fate, there are freelance jobs for just about any skillset.

Try search something on fiverr and find out yourself!


Freelance your skills and experience gives you a way to do what you want, while increasing your retirement nest egg.

How much can a consultant/ freelancer earn?

How much do you get is really depending on your area of expertise. However studies shows, on average in the United States, you can earn up to $67,196 a year.

Freelancer’s Income Annual Monthly Weekly Hourly
Highest Earning $114,500 $9,541 $2,201 $55
Top 25 Percent $78,000 $6,500 $1,500 $38
Average Earning $67,169 $5,597 $1,291 $32
Bottom 25 Percent $40,500 $3,375 $778 $19

2. Pet Sitter

If you are a pet lover, you can consider a retiree career as a pet sitter. Taking care of these big fluffy animals are both fun and rewarding experience.

Your family, friends, ex-colleagues and neighbor may need someone to help take care of their pets while they are at work, or away for a long vacation.

You can simply start your own pet sitting business, where your clients can sent their cute cuddles to you, or join a company that provides animal care.

How much can a pet sitter earn?

A typical pet sitter in the United States as reported by ZipRecruiter can earn an average of $24,194 a year.

Pet Sitter’s Income Annual Monthly Weekly Hourly
Highest Earning $35,000 $2,916 $673 $17
Top 25 Percent $29,000 $2,416 $557 $14
Average Earning $25,194 $2,099 $484 $12
Bottom 25 Percent $20,500 $1,708 $394 $10

3. Baby Sitter/ Caretaker

If you’ve already raised a bunch of kids, or is currently taking care of your grandchildren. With years of experience in baby sitting, you are probably more than qualified to be a baby sitter.

Providing temporary childcare for busy parents, your responsibility may vary.

Ranging from helping with homework, making dinner or bath for the kids, to picking up the kids from lessons or school.

If you want to earn a income at the comfort of your home, simply ask the parents to drop their kids at your home acting as a “daycare center”.

These are some sites that may hep you to find a online baby sitting jobs:

How much can a Baby Sitter/ caretaker earn?

How much do you get is really depending on your experience, responsibility and the area you are in. However you can probably expect an average of $12 per hour in the United States.

Baby Sitter’s Income Annual Monthly Weekly Hourly
Highest Earning $52,000 $4,333 $1,000 $17
Top 25 Percent $41,500 $3,458 $798 $14
Average Earning $34,835 $2,903 $670 $12
Bottom 25 Percent $21,000 $1,750 $404 $10

4. Tutor

Experience is probably one of the most important aspect in an resume. As a retiree, you have probably more experience than anyone out there.

As a tutor, you can tutor subjects ranging from math, science and languages to professional accreditation such as AFC, SAT, ACT and CPA.

Although tutoring on topics for professional accreditation may requires you to have a certain level of proficiency. It does pay the highest.

Nowadays, you can do virtual tutoring using FaceTime, Skype, Google, Zoom or other technology to communicate with your students.

How much can a tutor earn?

With a huge variation of topics to teach, how you you’ll get paid varies. However PayScale reported, on average in the United States, you can earn up to $37,768 a year.

Tutor’s Income Annual Monthly Weekly Hourly
Highest Earning $83,000 $6,917 $1,596 $40
Top 10 Percent $68,000 $5,667 $1,308 $33
Average Earning $38,000 $3,167 $731 $18
Bottom 10 Percent $20,000 $1,667 $385 $10

5. Online Mock Juror

Jury duty is a pretty much a part of life for many Americans. As a retiree, you will not need to take time off work to play your part in contributing to the country’s legal system.

As an online mock juror, you maybe asked to listen to audio, watch a video presentation, or answer some questions.

To start, it is a pretty simple process.

You can register as a mock juror with companies such as:

You can try these as well, but these websites do not have an SSL certificate, thus I am not very keen to put them in the list:

  • eJury
  • JuryTest
  • Virtual Jury

How much can an online mock juror earn?

The payout is case-to-case basis, and can vary from $10 to $400 per gig. How much you get, depends on who hire you and what kind of gig you do.

Mock Jury’ Payout Minimum Maximum
Online Verdict $20 $60
Resolution Research $5 $400
eJury $5 $10
Jury Test $20 $50
Virtual Jury $5 $50

When are you too old to get a job

You are never too old to get a job, in fact there are plenty of jobs for older people who wants to work even after their retirement age.

People age 55 and over are in a unique position where they have plenty of workforce experience to start their second career, while able to obtain knowledge required to take on something new.

  • Retirement doesn’t mean it is the end of your career. If you like, you can start a second career and achieve things which you’ve always wanted to do.
  • Earning an income for retirees can be done at the comfort of your home, or in any place you choose.
  • Preparing for retirement is important, but if your retirement nest egg is not big enough. It is totally possible to make money from home retirement.

Does any of these low stress retirement job ideas interest you? Did we missed out any?

Come and get inspired by this story of a couple who lose all their savings but retired wealthy. 

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