Couple Lose 95% of Savings and Retired Wealthy at 60s

Story - Old Couple lose almost all savings and retire wealth at age 60s

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Submitted By: Sasha. T

United Kingdom

My nephew in his 30s have just lose almost everything during this Covid-19 pandemic. He lose 80% of his investment, his dream house and a large chunk of his savings.

During our last family gathering, he ask us:

“At age 35, how could I start again and become wealthy?”

About us…

Me and my husband are simple middle class employee who worked at corporate jobs.

My husband, John is an engineer and I am a teacher, teaching in neighborhood school.

We are now in our 60s and are planning to go for our retirement in the next few years.

Looking at our finance, we will probably be living a pretty good life during our retirement.

But it wasn’t always the case.

Our Story…

In 2008, my husband and I were are holding a steady job and have 2 growing kids. They are great kids. We loved them, we want to provide them with what they want.

But during the 2008 market crash, we’ve lost 95% of our savings.

We took what was left from that great loss of lifetime savings and picked up the pieces to start over.

John and I were 53 and 52 years old at that time.

As the economy begins to recover. We invest in ourselves and learned all we can about real estate investing and started over.

The decision to learn about investing through books and courses is the best investment we’ve make.

That is 13 years ago now. We are in our 60’s now and on our way to enjoy our retirement soon.

What we’ve learn?

If you’re 35. Be an obsessive saver! Work hard, and save, and save even more! 

Learn all you can about investing, so your savings will earn money on your money, even when you are sleeping.

Go and get yourself a multiple streams of income.

Diversify your investment, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. We’ve lose everything at our 50’s, and have to get back up from there, learn the lesson from us.

If possible part of your investment should be in real estate. Always aim to buy and hold. Go and manage your rental properties!

With a good credit you will get a good credit score and will be able to borrow money at low interest rates.

Remember to always pay your bills on time every time!

But why real estate investing?

Real estate investing allows you to have 2 income streams + “Savings“:

Income Streams:

  1. Rental income – Rental income provide cash flow which can add to your retirement fund.
  2. Capital Gain – The value of your house gains value over time.


  1. Mortgage that is paid to your Principle can be a form of savings that you put into your real estate property.

We buy and hold properties for a very very long time, because real estate investing creates generational wealth.

If you are young in your 30s, and planning for your retirement, you can re-finance. (aka. borrow from your rental properties, and buy a few!).

You can pull out the increase in value from your investments every few years and enjoy the fruits of your investments!

With good wealth management you will be able to retire pretty happy and travel the world. (After this pandemic of course!)

But for now, get to work and enjoy your days with this dream in mind.

Our secret is to visualize that we are already there and living it.

Because this will make your days pleasant as you hassle and work really really hard right now.

Finally, the progress is always the key!

PS. Remember to help others along the way!

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