5 Smart Things To Do if Jobless and Broke – Helpful Tips

Smart Things To Do If Jobless and Broke

What should you do if you are Jobless and Broke?

With the competition, finding a job at time such as these can be very fierce.

Regardless of your age, or background, being unemployed can happen to all of us at a time when we least expected. While we may not be able to control being unemployed. We can control how are we reacting to it.

Applying for jobs you are not qualified for can be counterproductive to your job search.

Instead, you can allocate your time each week to become more hire-able. These tips may make your resume sparkle in front of your recruiter.

Here’s 5 smart things you should do if you are jobless!

Ps. Bonus at the end makes headhunters call you instead.

5 Smart Things to Do When Jobless

1. Upgrade Yourself

First essential task you should consider, is to upgrade yourself. If you lack a certain skill that is required for a certain job you are seeking, allocate a portion of your time to build that skill.

Take advantage of the hundreds and thousands of free resources online and offline. There are numerous e-books, tutorials, online course available for you.

Here are just some example of where you can find some of the best resources that can help upgrade yourself:

Refreshing your resume with a new set of skills can greatly help your job hunting much easier.

May candidates have even reported to have 10% to 15% pay increase after taking up some of the professional courses.

2. Volunteer

Volunteer sounds like it will be the last things you want to do if you are jobless. But volunteering might just be the ticket that can help you in your job hunt.

Not only volunteering is an excellent way to spend your time for a good purpose, if you volunteer in an area related to your job qualification, it can often be included as experience on your resume.

Here are some great organisations you may consider volunteering:

Volunteering may also help to build the foundation for the next most important steps in your job search.

PS. Some organisations pays you a small amount for the volunteer work you have done.

3. Network Network Network

Network have help many candidates find their dream job. Networking is mainly separated into 2 main categories:

  1. Reconnecting old contacts
  2. Forming new relationships

Reconnecting Old Contacts

Depending on your career and industry, reconnecting old contact might just be what you need to get a foot at the opportunity for an interview. These old contacts might be your ex-classmates, ex-colleagues, or internship supervisors.

You can reconnect with them with some simple ways:

  • Send them a simple email, sms or WhatsApp.
  • Call them and meet up for a cup of coffee.

For some, it may feels awkward to call someone whom you have not contacted for so long. But if you value the friendship with that particular person, it won’t be long when you start chatting like the old days.

Let them know the specifics of your job search:

  • Industry
  • Location
  • Types of position

You can check with them, to see if they know anyone whom can help you in the job search, finally follow-up.

Forming New Relationships

Depending on your career, sometimes it maybe a great idea to forge new relationship. Go to networking events sponsored by your school, industry, facebook groups.

Or simply take a course related to your industry, learn a new skill while you network with people related to your industry.

Each of these provide tonnes of opportunities for you to meet new people with a similar interest. Have fun while networking, but don’t forget to follow-up!

4. Join a Temp Agency

Ideally you may want to get a full time job with all the perks that comes with it, such as job stability and health benefits. But for some, making ends meet without an income can be a problem.

One of the easiest way to bridge the gap between jobs is to find temporary work. Working with a temp agency can help you get a temp job. This can help you financially while you find your full-time dream job.

While it is not a permanent solution. A Temp job can help you to be in a better position financially, and gives you an opportunity to learn a new skills that may come in handy in the future.

Our advice:

“Find a temp job that won’t eat up too much of your time, so that you may have sufficient time to find a full-time job which you can build a career.”

5. Be Your Own Boss (Freelance)

Sick of the 9 to 5 workday? Maybe this is an opportunity for you to ‘Be your own boss’ by doing Freelance.

Not only Freelance can help you to boost your skills, resume and portfolio. Freelance can actually helps you to build up confidence and expand your professional network.

Some Freelancers are reported to have earn up to 5-Figure per month by completing some highly specialized projects.

Fiverr is undoubtedly one of the best websites where most Freelancers makes their income.

Here are 10 Best sites for you to start your Freelance career:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. Freelancer
  4. Guru
  5. DesignCrowd
  6. PeoplePerHour
  7. Envato Studio
  8. Craigslist
  9. Hireable
  10. 99Designs

Which of these sites have you tried? Write it down in the comments below!

Bonus. Build an Online Presence

Have you ever search you name on google and see what did you find. Our research with 271 individuals who are aged 23 to 38 shows that only 32.84% have search their name on google before.

You name is your brand, build a professional online presence in popular social media sites can help you in your job search. Here are some place to start building an online presence:

  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Plus

Fun Fact: Do you know, most employers search your name in Linkedin before deciding to call you in for interview?

With over 600 Million professional profiles in LinkedIn, your employers will be able to understand you slightly more before deciding if it is worth their time to invite you in for interview.

7 Simple Steps to build online Presence:

  1. First, Log in to your FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc..
  2. Then, cleanup all your photos which you won’t want your parents, or your kid to see them. Because, you can be quite sure that your employers will be searching your social media profiles.
  3. Next, cleanup all those post about how much you hate your job, or how much you hate your boss. You don’t want them to be found by your potential employer.
  4. After a massive makeover of your social media, it is time to beef up your credentials.
  5. Update your LinkedIn profile with your latest work experience and your skills.
  6. Update a professional looking photo in your LinkedIn profile. (You will be surprise that there are candidates who put ‘A Grumpy Cat’ as their profile picture in LinkedIn.)
  7. Lastly, connect with people and companies that is relevant to your industry.

With these 7 steps you will have build a professional online presence which your employer will want to see and hire.

The Bottom Line

While being jobless can be stressful. There are many things you can do to help yourself in become more employable. Not only there are many free resources that can greatly increase your ability to get employed. There are also many professional course course offered by Fiverr Learn or Udemy which cost less than $100 with a certificate of completion. This new skill may help you in your career.

Although, job hunt can be challenging, being unemployed can offer you extra time to better prepare yourself, and possibly grow more qualified to find your next dream job.

Don’t Give Up!

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