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What to wear on first day of work for men

Don’t know what to wear on first day of work?

Career experts says dressing right on your first day of work can help you make a great first impression. Knowing how to dress for your new job and starting your career on the right foot can help you propel your career to new heights.

But the million dollar question is:

“What is the best first day of work outfit for man?”

How to dress for your new job really depends on your company’s culture.

For instance, you won’t want to be seen in a casual attire with jean and sneakers on your first day of work at CBD area. You will rather not be under-dress in a workplace where your coworkers are in formal business attire.

But the dress code in a new tech start-up might be a different story.

Keeping in mind of the work culture, here are some of the best recommendations which will helps you in choosing the right cloths to wear on your first day of work.

What to wear on your first day of your new job

1. Formal Business Wear

A suit, a tie and a pair of nice leather shoes makes everything looks just right. If that sounds like a business attire that most executives wear, you’re right. If your new company have an established dress code that requires employees to dress in business attire, choose clothing that falls under the formal business attire category.

As a rule of thumb,

“It is always better to be over-dressed than it is to be under-dressed.”

Men’s Formal Business Attire includes the following:

Formal Business Suit to wear for your first day of work


Formal business suits is perfect for almost every occasion. Typically, it includes two pieces made of matching material and color that is intended to be worn together. Perfectly tailored, a business suit comprise of a trousers and a suit jacket.

Recommends: Dark color suit, as it give off the vibe of confidence and maturity.

Blazer to wear for your first day of work


Blazers is a step down compared to a formal suit jacket. They tent to have a looser fit and are not as structured especially in the shoulder area. You can think of it as a hybrid of a sports jacket, but the looks of a formal suit jacket.

A blazer is usually identified by their unique naval-style buttons.

Recommends: Navy blue tailored blazers usually gives a timeless and sharp look that will impress even your boss.

Dress pants to wear for your first day of work
Dress Pants

Dress pants

Dress pants are modern, stylish trouser that men wear in a formal occasion. These are pants made of smooth, classy materials, knit or blended into a masterpiece in your wardrobe.

In other words, dress pants are formal suit trousers you wear that comes with a more casual cut and trim.

Recommendations: Go for darker shades of color as a safe option. Black, grey, navy blue of even brown are some of the colors widely accepted in the work environment. 

Tie to wear for your first day of work


A right tie for the occasion can make you look sharp. You can wear your tie with or without a suit or blazer. In both case, you will look good.

Recommendations: Go for simple single color ties, or ties with diagonal strips. Avoid any cartoon characters. Pokémon or ties with your cat’s face on it are off-limit. Yup, you can thank me later.

Dress shoe to wear for your first day of work
Dress Shoes

Dress shoes

Dress shoes are shoes that is to be worn as a smart casual or as a formal business wear. Dress shoes are typically made of black or brown leather which is highly polish.

“The shoe makes the man.”

This saying is popular for a reason. Nice footwear add style and class to your wardrobe.

Recommendations: Go for a nice black or brown leather shoe that fits your feet. Don’t borrow from a friend or from your uncle, an over-sized shoe never makes a good impression.

Profession: Bankers, Insurance Agent, House Agents, Sales, People Managers, Executives etc. 

2. Smart Casual Business Wear

Smart casual business wear is in a rising trend where many new companies are adopting. These companies encourage their employees to dress more comfortably and have slowly established their dress code under casual business wear.

A good smart casual attire allows their employees to feel more like home, which helps to boost their creative juice. The right clothing for your workplace can vary depending on your company’s guidelines.

“Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.”

Men’s Smart Casual Business Attire includes the following:

Polo Shirt to wear for your first day of work
Polo Shirt

Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are the classic wear that brings the confidence out from a man. Polo shirt comes with a collar coupled with neckline and three buttons. These shirts are usually short-sleeved and sometimes comes with an optional pocket on once side of the chest.

Designed and used by polo players in 1920s, these shirt are usually button to the tops and worn for semi-formal events. 

Recommends: Polo shirt with strips design or simply in a plain color makes you looks approachable and mature. Light colors works wonders on some occasion, especially in the creative industry.

Jeans to wear for your first day of work

Dark Denim

Denim is a fashion fabric that is stylishly rugged, sturdy, twill weave woven. These fabric are used to make many other things including jeans worn by fashion icons.

If your company allows you to wear jeans, you may want to choose one that is not too baggy.

Recommends: Dark colored navy blue denim give a vibe of creativity mixed with professionalism. Avoid any tattered jeans as most companies discourage their employee to wear oversized or worn out pants.

Dress shoe to wear for your first day of work
Dress Slacks

Dress slacks

When dressing in a smart casual business attire, you can have the option to wear dress slacks. The semi-formal trousers that relates to comfort and style. Slacks don’t need to be cotton fabric, they are pants that comes with a more casual cut and trim.

Recommendations: Go for darker shades of color as a safe option. Black, grey, navy blue of even brown are some of the colors widely accepted in the work place. 

Dress shoe to wear for your first day of work
Dress Shoes

Dress Shoe

For smart casual business attire, you can wear the same dress shoes you would wear in your formal business attire. Typically made of black or brown leather which is highly polish.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a pair of fabulous shoes.”

Start your journey on the right foot always.

Recommendations: Black or brown leather shoe are nice, but one that fits your feet makes your journey of your first day at work much more pleasant.

Profession: Designers, Artist, Engineers, Computer Engineers, IT Personnel, Telemarketing, Virtual Assistant, Social Media Experts, Start-up etc. 

Infographic for Men who are having their First Day of Work. "How to Dress For First Day of Work [Men]"

Tips to Making Good First Impression

Go for a polished look

A simple clean and tidy appearance can change a man in less than 1/4 of a second. A tidy hair, a clean shaven beard and million dollar smile with pearly white teeth and no bad breath always makes a good first impression.  

Wear Cloths That Fit Well

Select an outfit that is tailored, or fit perfectly on you. It can be a simple polo shirt, or even a formal business suit, the importance of looking presentable is to wear cloths that fit well and look fresh.

If you don’t have the right shirt, or a pants that fit, don’t borrow from your uncle or wear your father’s old pant. Get a new shirt and pants, the small investment will get you paid in dividends for years to come.

“A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men” – Anon

Learn to Iron

Winkled and messy cloths scares even kids away. Learn to iron your cloths so you will look fresh and professional. Although, ironing is becoming a lost art, but learning how to iron from the master (YouTube) will help you professionally.

Recent survey shows,

“43% of all hiring managers will not consider promoting an employee who wear winkled cloths.”


You shouldn’t be, because Mark Twain says,

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

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