I was rejected for a job, but I reapply. And this is what I’ve learned.

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Should you reapply for a position that rejected you once?

And, this is my story…

About me…

Now I own my own business, and occasionally I have to hire people.

It was a story about me, years ago when I was still trying to get a job in one of the biggest department store in my home town.

My Story…

Back when I was young, I applied for a company that have roughly 300 different positions, each at different location, in various departments. 

Hundreds of us applied, and each took an “eligibility list”. I was number 5 on the list.

Each time there was an opening the immediate supervisor would interview ten candidates for that position. As I was no.8 on the list, I was interviewed for the first position that came along. And the second. And the third. And so on.

I don’t know why I didn’t get any of the positions.

Maybe it is because of my experience.

Maybe because the location of the company was far, and they may have assumed that I will have issues traveling so far for a low-paying job.

Or, maybe the immediate supervisor just didn’t think we’ll get along.

Hard to say.

Well, I think it was the eight or ninth position that I’ve interviewed, and it was in a department where I had interviewed previously.

And the interviewer?

It was the same immediate supervisor.

As you may have guess, “My expectations weren’t high.”

The immediate supervisor walked in the door, and immediately flash a big smile.

She said, “I thought I remembered your name!”

The rest of the interview wasn’t so much of an interview. It was a run-down on what work would be like in this particular department.

And… I got hired.

What I’ve learn?

I’ve met the person whom got hired on the first interview. We’ve talked and he is a great friend whom I still keep in touch right now.

We were both right for the department, and for different reasons.

Not getting hired the first time does not mean that you are not fit for the position.

The reason why I was not hired on the first interview is simply because,

“Each time the supervisor could only hire one of us.”

Sometime, it was like a coin-flip situation.

What I think…

As a business owner, occasionally I have to hire people. Sometimes it’s hard to choose between two people.

I don’t want someone to not apply the next time I have an opening just because they didn’t get the job the first time.

Although, it doesn’t mean you are going to get the job the second time.

But sometimes, all you have to do is to re-apply and show-up on my list of candidates.

You’ll be pretty sure, I’ll be calling you to confirm that I want to hire you this time.


If you’re still interested in the job, and can get past the idea that you were “rejected” once, don’t be afraid to re-apply.

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