Metaverse is an alternate reality where it will change the way we interact with technology. It is a virtual world where you can create anything, from avatars to entire environments, to entire worlds.

The Metaverse holds a lot of potential for people who want to create and code innovative projects. There are many jobs in the Metaverse, ranging from programmers and designers to entertainers and business owners.

Unfortunately, many jobs in the Metaverse are new and are hard to categorize.

The “5 Meta Natio Model” is created by Antony.C., founder of to categorize each of the types of jobs that can be found in the Metaverse.

Jobs of the Metaverse - Types of Meta Natio
Jobs of the Metaverse, “Meta Natio”. Created by Antony.C. of

What is Meta Natio?

Meta Natio” is a term coined by Antony.C., founder of “Meta” is a word that derives from the Greek μετά, it has several meanings, such as “beyond“, “after” or behind“. “Natio” is a word that derives from the ancient language of Latin, it has a few meanings, such as “nation“, “people“, “tribe“. or “birth“.

Together, “Meta Natio” means “The Ecosystem Beyond Nations“, it refers to the people who live their lives beyond any nation or birth, such as an alternate reality in the Metaverse.

Meta Natio” is “The Ecosystem Beyond Nations“, aka. the “People of the Metaverse“.

Antony.C., founder of

In this alternate reality of the Metaverse, you are connected with the rest of the world, while not belonging to any of the nations in the world.

These people who are citizens of the Metaverse have their physical lives overlap with the virtual reality of the Metaverse. Citizens of the Metaverse each have a different role, they are categorized into different “Meta Natio“.

They get a job in the Metaverse, have a career in the Metaverse, essentially “live” in the Metaverse.

The people of the Metaverse are born of the physical world while living their alternate life in an alternate reality, The Metaverse.

What is the “5 Meta Natio Model”?

Antony.C. created the “5 Meta Natio Model” on 22 February 2022 to categorize people who play a different role in the Metaverse. Each role is essential for the Metaverse to become a reality.

The “5 Meta Natio Model” will include the 5 roles that are categorized into 5 different “jobs” that create the Metaverse world, the different “Meta Natio” are; Creators, Builders, Entertainers, Administrator, and Meta Citizens.

The Metaverse cannot be made possible if any of these “Meta Natio” aka. “People of the Metaverse” is missing in the Metaverse.

Types of Jobs of the Metaverse, 5 Meta Natio Model
Jobs of the Metaverse, “The 5 Meta Natio Model”.

Types of Jobs in the Metaverse, “The 5 Meta Natio Model”

1. Creators

Creators are the organization, the company, the people that help to create the Metaverse. Creators create original creative that are essential for the creation of the Metaverse to make the Metaverse real, elements that are required to touch our human senses. These people create the components that make up the Metaverse.

Creators are people who create digital assets (NFTs) in the form of visual graphics and audio sounds, components that makes up the Metaverse.

Creators in the Metaverse

Creators in the Metaverse include; graphic artists, actors, motion-capture models, videographers, character designers, fashion designers, music composers, voice actors, dialog writers, and any other forms of creative creators.

2. Builders

Builders are the organization, the company, the people that work with the creators to create the Metaverse. Builders build the Metaverse world by putting the different components of the Metaverse together in the virtual world.

Builders are people who put all the components of the Metaverse together in an organized and logical order.

Builders in the Metaverse

Builders in the Metaverse include; UX/UI/ designers, worldbuilders, software engineers, experience designers, game designers, curriculum designers, and storytellers.

3. Entertainers

Entertainers are the people whose job is to bring people into the Metaverse and stay in the Metaverse. These entertainers are often real-time content creators that entertain the people in the Metaverse. The entertainers help to connect the people in the Metaverse, they also create new experiences for the people who visit their worlds in the Metaverse.

Entertainers are real-time content creators that market, attract and expand the Metaverse.

Entertainers in the Metaverse

Entertainers in the Metaverse include; streamers, educators, coaches, guides, and live performers such as singers, actors, and musicians.

4. Administrator

Administrators are the organization, the people whose job is to connect people in the virtual world to the physical world. They are the bridge that links people who live in the Metaverse, to abide by the moral rules of humanity.

Seven Moral Rules of Humanity

These 7 moral rules of humanity are found in over 60 cultures from around the world. People everywhere face similar social issues and have a similar set of moral rules as a guide.

  • Help your family
  • Help your group
  • Return Favors
  • Be Brave
  • Defer to Superiors
  • Divide resources Fairly
  • Respect Others’ Properties

Universally, people follow these seven moral rules of humanity to promote the common good and agreed that doing good is the right thing to do.

Without the administrators, the world in the Metaverse will become a place that is ruled by the “Law of Nature Order“, the concept of “Survival of the Fittest“. Where the stronger and bigger will always rule the weaker and smaller.

With the Administrator, it ensures fairness is maintained to allow equal opportunity for the people who live in the Metaverse.

Administrators are the people who connect the people in the virtual world back to the physical world and vice versa.

Administrators connect the alternative planes of existence that overlay our physical world through regulation of the ethics, security, health, and safety of all people that is connected to the Metaverse.

Administrator in the Metaverse

Administrator in the Metaverse includes; public health and safety experts, people who do the “policing” in the Metaverse, the ethics community, data analyst, and historians.

5. Meta Citizens

Meta Citizens are the participants whose job is to participate in the different events created in the Metaverse. They are the people who created the reason why the Metaverse is necessary to become a reality.

Meta Citizens are the people who drive the “Law of Accelerating Returns“, where they will drive the evolution of the Metaverse through applying positive feedback in the different needs and wants in the Metaverse that results from one stage of evolution progresses to create the next stage.

Meta Citizens are the people that give meaning to the existence of the Metaverse.

Meta Citizen in the Metaverse

Meta Citizens in the Metaverse include; people who play-to-earn (P2E), business owners, traders, investors, players, and speculators.

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