You really want to go for this job interview, but you are sick and can’t get out of bed.

Or perhaps your kids are unwell and requires you to take care of them.

Or you are stuck in a storm and simply cannot make it.

What should you do?

We all know how important in-person interviews are in getting that dream job.

But sometimes circumstances can arise. Which will require you to reschedule even the most important job interview.

Regardless the reason(s), it will be your responsibility to inform your interviewer to reschedule the interview as soon as possible.

You will need to perform this task in the nicest way possible, so that you won’t completely ruin your chances in getting that job.

But how do you reschedule interview?

Many candidates struggle to answer this question.

Here we have some of the best email template and phone script to help you in rescheduling your interview.

After this, we will show you some tips when rescheduling your interview.

Let’s Dive In!

Template for Rescheduling Interview

Here is the best template crafted by our hiring experts that will surely help you.

You can use this template to email, or give a phone call to tell your potential employer that you need to reschedule the interview.

Using this template will ensure you will have a high success rate in getting that second chance for that interview you wanted so badly.

EMail Template

Dear [Name of interviewer],

I am really looking forward to have an opportunity to discuss the role of [job title] with you. But please accept my sincere apologies for not being able to attend the interview scheduled on [date] at [time].

Unfortunately, I [explain your reason clearly in a few sentence].

May I request to reschedule the interview to a later date. I am available [provide 3-5 dates and time you will be available over the next 1 to 2 weeks].

I sincerely apologies for any inconvenience caused. I am really thrilled about this rare opportunity and I hope I will be able to reschedule this interview at a time that is also convenient to you.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

PS. Feel free to give me a call if you require any information.

Kind regards,

[Your Full Name]

[Your Phone Number]

Phone Script

Hi [Name of interviewer],

I wanted to give you a quick call to discuss our upcoming interview for the [job title] position that we had arranged for [date] at [time] at [interview location].

As [short and brief explanation on the reason of why you need to reschedule without oversharing]. Thus, I may need to request to reschedule the interview. 

Is it possible that we can reschedule to [date] at [time]?

I am also available on [other dates that you are available, be flexible with this].

I sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience cause.

May I know, what works best for you?

Tips for Rescheduling Interview

So what are some of the tips you will need to know when rescheduling your interview? Let’s find out!

TIP 1 Inform Early

Inform early about your unavailability for the interview determines your success on getting that rescheduling of an interview.

Your recruiter have spend lots of effort in helping you to arrange the time for your interview. Informing them at the last minute that you cannot make it for the interview will cause your interviewer and recruiter inconvenience. This will lead them to give a bad impression of you. Which is bad if you want to reschedule an interview.

What you should do?

Once you are sure you won’t be able to come for the interview. Give your recruiter and interviewer a heads up.

This allow the interviewer to make plans for the time which he/she have initially reserved for you. Your early notice will also give them an opportunity to pick a suitable date and time for your rescheduled interview.

Tip 2 Share your reasons

Tell your recruiter and interviewer the reason why you are not able to make it for the all-important interview.

Remember to communicate properly and clearly on the reason, but not oversharing.

Like you, your recruiter and interviewers are human, usually they will understand your situation, as long as the reason you give are valid and genuine.

Good Reasons:

  • Your Health
  • A Family Emergency
  • An Important Job Obligation

Bad Reasons:

  • You forgot.
  • You overslept.
  • You are drunk.
  • You are not prepared.
  • You have another interview.
  • You couldn’t find a last-minute babysitter.
  • You don’t know if you really wanted the job.
  • Your dog ate your resume.

With a valid reason and explaining the situation to the recruiter clearly. The recruiter will have a higher probability of helping you to reschedule the interview willingly.

What you should do?

Here are some steps when proving the reason for not able to come for the scheduled interview.

  1. Provide a valid reason on why are you not able to make it for the scheduled interview.
  2. Apologize for the inconvenience caused to the recruiter and interviewer.
  3. Express gratitude and emphasize how much looked forward to discussing the opportunity in detail during the interview.

This will eventually help you to get to your eventual goal of having the opportunity of rescheduling your interview.

TIP 3 Suggest a Date

Suggest a date on when will you be available, but be as flexible as possible with this.


  1. Firstly, suggesting a date for the rescheduled interview shows that you are genuinely passion in this job opportunity. 
  2. More importantly, it open a window of opportunity of that second chance to come for the interview, instead of the recruiter cancelling the interview completely.

When giving a suggestion on which day you will be available to come for the rescheduled interview, here are some things to take note:

  • Try to reschedule to the earliest date which you will be free
  • Accommodate with their schedule
  • Be polite and respectful

What you should do?

Never be too demanding on which dates you are available for your interview. If your recruiter agree to give you a second chance to come for the interview, thank them and try your best to accommodate with their schedule.

Be respectful, and show gratitude that they are willing to give you a second chance for the interview.

Even if they think a rescheduling of the interview is not possible, thank them for the opportunity. And apologize for the trouble. You will never know when you will be applying to that company again, or the same recruiter will be handling your application again.

Do not burn bridges

If handled correctly, your recruiter might even give you a call when a similar opportunity arise again in the future.

You may have choose to email or call your employer, but take note of your employer’s response. In a conversation, it goes two-ways. The way they response and how you respond to their reply, determine if you will get that second chance in the interview.

If you are sending an email, it is always good to respond to their reply as quickly as possible, after work. It will show that you are enthusiastic about this job opportunity.

If you are giving the call, it is always good to respond respectfully and politely no matter the outcome.

Show confident and be genuine when negotiation for the rescheduling of interview.

Final Thoughts

To turn down an interview which you have been looking forward to, is the last thing you may ever want to do.

You definitely do not want to lose the rare opportunity of getting your dream job just because you cannot turn up on the scheduled time and date.

Making a polite and respectful request to reschedule the interview may just be the only other option you can take.

Follow our template with the tips provided will give you a high chance of success in getting that second chance for the interview.

Interview well with the guidance of all the tips is critical for getting the job. Get yourself prepared and practice are important. Learning about the interview tips and interview questions will probably the best way to increase your chances of success.

Building a career is not easy. But with some of the best career tips you can use today, you can rest assure that you will be successful sooner than you think.

Let us guide you to walk this journey together with our next articles!

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