Not sure how do you sneak out for job interviews without your boss finding out?

Most people who are working full-time in their 9-5 jobs may had this kind of experience some time in their life.

Reasons for getting job interviews are simple:

  1. Want to explore new exciting opportunities.
  2. Hate your current job.

In both cases, you won’t want your boss or any colleagues to know.

But going for a job interview without your boss finding out is not always that easy. It feels like “Mission Impossible”.

Here are some of the Dos and Don’ts to help you to in this “Top Secret Mission” (Sneaking out for Job Interviews).

If you choose to “Accept”, Let the Mission Begins!

Dos and Don'ts when sneaking out for an Job Interview

1. Be Back Soon

Good Example

Do: Give an impression that you will be back soon 

Remember that CSI movie that you watch last time. The officer is inspecting the scene of crime and they found some half-eaten sandwich (“Eeeew”) and a cup of unfinished coffee. What does this tells the officer?

Yes, you are right, it tells you that the person left and will be back soon.

Even when your boss or colleagues know that you might be out for a while for an “appointment”, you don’t want to let them feel that you will be out for long.

You want to convey a message that you will be right back. 

And leaving obvious evidence such as this will do just that.

If you think a half eaten sandwich sounds a bit disgusting, probably you can try just leaving a messy desk with some documents. This can do the trick as well, just make sure your desk don’t look too clean and neat.


You are sneaking away, it means that you have to look as if you are not away.

Bad Example

Don’t leave like how you leave from work

2. Dressing

Good Example

Do: Dress to Impress, But only at the right place

Remember the story of superman, where he wear his underwear outside when he is on a mission to save the city? On normal days, he is the nerdy Clark Kent wearing a pair of glasses. No one have ever suspected that he is superman in disguise, or at least in the movies.

Rest assured that I am not asking you to wear your underwear outside from today onward, you will look pretty weird doing that.

What you should do instead, “only wear what you should wear at the right time and place.”


John who is your colleague, is a blue collar worker who usually wear Polo Tee and Jeans to work. And one fine day, you saw him wearing ironed suit with white long sleeve button up shirt with a fresh pair of black trousers.

Probably it won’t be hard to figure that John is up to something.

He can be:

  • A. Going for a wedding after work.
  • B. He became rich overnight and had an 180 degree makeover on his outlook.
  • C. He is going for an interview.

My guess is probably ‘C’. I think most people will guess ‘C’ as well, which is going for an interview.

What Should You Do Instead

If you don’t usually wear too formal at your work place, then don’t do it!

You can place all your nicely ironed cloths in your car and only change into them before you reach your location for interview. 

There are a lot of places which allows you to change into your interview clothes. You can get change in a bathroom, at the gym or anywhere else.

Just don’t change it at your office.

Remember you are sneaking out for the interview, so make sure you don’t go telling everyone that you are going for an interview though your dressing!

Bad example

Don’t Wear out of character cloths

3. The Excuse

Good example

Do: Use an Good Excuse

You just have everything prepared, and it is time to start your secret mission. You got everything you needed and told your boss you will be out of office for a moment.

And he asked the dreadful question…


Getting a good excuse to sneak out of work for an interview is always the hardest part of all. There can have so many things that could go wrong!

So… remember…

“Don’t make up stories that can cause your boss or colleague concern”.

A death of a family members, a sick grandparents or children can lead to many follow-up questions later.

Your concerned colleague may want to pay respect to your relatives who have passed away, or recommend doctors for your sick family members.

This will make you feel guilty for lying to them.

What Should You Do Instead

Use an excuse that will not cause any concerns to your colleagues and boss.

An excuse such as, an regular medical checkup, or medical appointment can be a great way to help you sneak out of work for the interview.

Since everyone do have a regular medical checkup, this will cause minimal suspicion to your true motive.

What’s more, this excuse gives you an opportunity to say that you are having an follow-up appointment in the future (If you are going for your second round of interview).

Bad example

Don’t Leave Evidence and get Caught

Key Take Away

When sneaking out for an interview, be aware of these 3 key points:

  1. Dressing at the right time and place
  2. Intent of coming back to work
  3. Excuses that minimize question by your boss or colleagues

Sneaking out for an interview is not something we recommend.

Although many people do sneak out for interview, it does not reflect well on you if being asked by your interviewer or your colleagues.

There are many other ways to go out for interview.


What is the Best Way to Schedule Job Interviews when you’re Working Full-Time?

Simply take leave or time-off. This way, you will be less prone to leave evidence that you are going for an interview.

Furthermore, you will feel good and proud about yourself for not lying to your boss or colleagues.

Join over 3,000+ achievers who are committed to achieve their goals! 

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