How to Answer 5 Top Tricky Interview Questions (Answer Template)

Interview aren’t easy. In some interviews, the interviewer loves to use some specific question to understand the candidates better. These are questions which requires a lot of prior preparations and understanding to give a perfect response.

These are what we called “The Tricky Interview Questions”. 

But why do the interviewers ask these form of questions? It is simple, because hiring the right candidate is their job. To choose to hire you over any other candidates is a risk. Your interviewer want to reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person for the job. These “Tricky Interview Questions” are designed to uncover any problem you may if you are hired for the job. 

You are the right person for the job?

Then you have to answer these “Tricky Interview Questions” well.

Be prepared for the questions and help make them feel comfortable offering you the job.

Here you will learn how to answer some of the top tricky interview questions. Impress your interviewer and help them to decide you are the right person for the job now!

Let’s dive in!

Top 5 Tricky Interview Questions

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. What bothers you about your previous Co-Workers or Bosses?
  3. Why is there a few months gap between your previous jobs?
  4. Why were you not promoted in your previous job?
  5. What are you most proud accomplishment of?

Best Answers to Tricky Interview Questions

1. Tell me about yourself

Do they want to know about my hobby or what I love to do in my free time? Or they simply want to have a chat over a cup of coffee? Simple answer ‘No’.

When this question is asked on a networking event probably the people may want to know about your personal life, but when this question is asked during an interview, they are not looking for a social answer. If you start talking about what you like to do in your free-time, you are doing a big mistake.

The interviewer want to know more about your resume.

How to Answer?

The question “Tell me about yourself” sounds simple and is basically one of the first few questions that the interviewer will ask. Answer this question as if you were answering “Why should we hire you?” because this is what they are actually asking for.

Answer by addressing the following:

  • What is your education?
  • What is your experience?
  • Any skills that may be of interest to the company?
  • Are you a great presenter or communicator?
  • Are you a critical thinker or a fast problem-solver?
  • What are your achievements or awards?

Start your answer by “My background is in [Insert Education and Experience], I am known for [Insert Positive Attributes], and I have achieved [Insert Achievement]”.

Here you should tell them why they want to hire you and not anyone else. Talk about experience relevant to the job you are applying for and back them up with examples. This will be the basis for their next questions.

2. What bothers you about your previous Co-Workers or Bosses?

This is one of the toughest interview questions. Usually this question will take the candidates by surprise. Your interviewer knows that working is always challenging, especially when dealing with people in general. 

Everyone has some things that bother them, so it will sound you are lying if you say you don’t. But you can’t start ranting all the stuff that your previous co-workers or bosses did that bothers you either. You don’t want your potential employer see you as negative person, or as someone who will talk bad about your colleagues.

How to Answer?

You can choose to say something very general, something that will probably bother most people including the interviewers. The key to answer this question is to answer it calmly. Do not ever get agitated or start ranting non-stop.

You can talk about the following:

  • Negative attitude
  • Shared responsibility
  • Teamwork

You can say something like: “I don’t like negative attitudes. Having a negative attitude does not helps to solve any problem. If we are face with a problem, we should always focus on how to fix it.”

This says that you are a person who focus on solving problem. You are not one who just complains about everything, and not doing anything to solve it. You are a problem solver, not a problem creator.

3. Why is there a few months gap between your previous jobs?

Why haven’t you been able to find a job for so long? Is there something wrong with you that you are not hired and we should know? Simply put, “Why no one wants you yet?”

How to Answer?

Address their fear by being positive with your answer. Instead of saying something like “I don’t know” or “been trying to find very hard to find a job, but haven’t got any luck”. Phase your response as if it is your choice that there is a gap between your previous jobs.

Use topics like the following:

  • You have taken time to take care of your young kid or parents and now arrangement have been made, thus you are able to join the workforce.
  • You took a gap year after your previous company ended their business, with the severance package you took some time to recharge yourself before joining the workforce.
  • You’ve been on some interviews, but that was a really great fit.

You can start your sentence by saying: “I have [Insert Reason], and recently I have been on some interviews, and is really picked up lately, so I don’t think that I’m going to be in the search for much longer.”

This is an important psychological trigger, everyone wants something that everyone else wanted. Give yourself the “In Demand” effect by pointing out that you will soon be snapped out soon.

4. Why were you not promoted in your previous job?

Are you not good enough that your previous employer didn’t promote you? Is there a problem with you that we don’t know and your previous employer knows about? Although it isn’t as bad as “why are you fired from your last job”. This question is at least half as tough as that question.

How to Answer?

The best way to answer is to indicate that it is your choice that you are not promoted. Or because there is no job opening.

Some reason for why you choose not to be promoted:

  • Having family obligations 
  • More time is required to take care of your young kids
  • Just got married and wish to focus more on family

Give them a reason that is generally not work related and can be solve in the future or, is already solve. You can start your sentence by: “I was offered a promotion, but I wasn’t interested in moving in that direction in my career. As [Insert Reason].”


Simply there is a lack of promotion opportunities in your previous company that why you are searching for a better job opportunity. You can start your sentence by: “Promotion opportunity is very limited in my previous company…”

Tip: Before you go for the interview, try to get some great reference and give them a heads up before your interview.

5. What are you most proud accomplishment of?

When you are at a job interview, your interviewer only wants to know information about you that is related to the job itself. Similar to the question “Tell me about yourself”. Don’t start talking about your stamp collection, your kids or getting a gold medal for your school marathon, unless it is from World Olympic Games, and it is related to the position you are applying for.

How to Answer?

Your accomplishment must be work related. To score even better in this question, your answer have to be related to the job you are applying for. Simply think of your proudest moment of your career, the time where you have accomplish something great. Think of how have that accomplishment help the company, or your team as a whole. Think of something that will impress this company that you are applying now, something that the person in the position you are applying will be exceptional to have.

Remember to take note of these pointers:

  • The proudest moment must be work related
  • Have to be related to the position you are applying
  • Will be an accomplishment that will impress this company you are applying

You may want to read the job description and think about what is the accomplishment you made previously that best fit these criteria. Don’t be too afraid to tell them about your achievement and why they should hire you. Show them your passion and your positive energy.

Start your sentence by:” One of my proudest accomplishment during my [Insert Year] tenure in my previous company is that, I have achieved [Insert Achievement], which [Insert how it impact your company]”.

Give These Questions Some Thought

Chasing for that dream job is never easy. Proof of your ability to a total stranger within that 30 minutes is an art by itself. All your answers have to be strategic and everything you say in a job interview should give them another reason to hire you. The interviewers are looking for the right candidate with the right experience and attitude. Demonstrate are the right candidate for the job and come prepared for the interview is one of the most important key to success.

Success is for those who are prepared.

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